Restube Beach

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Whether on the beach, swimming, boating, fishing, etc. Simply wear the compact pocket to feel safer and have a better time in and around the water. Strap the pouch around your waist and it's ready to go when in need. Pull the trigger and the yellow Restube buoy inflates within seconds. Restube Beach provides enough buoyancy (50N) for adults and children from 10 years and up in swimwear. Just lean over it to lift your head out of the
water. Wave with the buoy to catch attention or drag it behind you. Restube is reusable by screwing in a new original 11.9g CO2 cartridge and is very easy to repack. This device not only can save you but if in the event someone else needs aid you have the means to help. This product can be seen in action on the NETFLIX Original Series SOUTHERN SURVIVAL. Check it out.

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