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John Roman

4 Things to Consider Before You Bug In When SHTF

4 Things to Consider Before You Bug In When SHTF

As a BattlBoxer, you already know how important it is to have a plan for when SHTF. Seasoned preppers can walk through their bug out plan in their sleep, but not many can do the same for their bug in plan. Whether you bug out or bug in when SHTF is totally up to you (and the scenario), but before you make that call, you might want to take a look at what you’re getting yourself into.

4 things to consider when deciding to bug in when SHTF:


If you’re one of those people who likes to keep every single light in your home on 24/7, you might as well hang a big flashing sign that says “I’m in here!” on your roof. And, chances are, you’d be the first one to go in a SHTF scenario. If you’re bugging in, choose a main room that can serve as your hub or headquarters, and put all your sanitation, heating, and lighting efforts there. Be sure to pick a room that has minimal access from the outside, and is large enough to accommodate both your family and supplies. You’re going to want some space to move around in there - especially if you’re stuck inside with kids.

Food & Water

Unless you live in a secluded cabin in the woods with a stream in the backyard (jealous), you’re going to need to figure out how to get a steady supply of water. If you live in the city or suburbs where your water source depends on city piping, you’ll probably want to stockpile water by the gallon or invest in the proper equipment to purify and filter contaminated water. As for food, stock up on non-perishable food items like freeze-dried foods and backpack meals. It’s no 5-star meal, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.


Alright, let’s get real for a second here. When SHTF, your septic system is probably going to be useless. We know no one wants to talk about bathroom duties (pun intended), but if it’s not addressed, then your home can quickly become a breeding ground for some pretty gnarly bacteria. If you can’t go outside to dig a latrine, your best bet is to take a note from the felines by using garbage bags, cat litter, and bleach. Hey, we never said bugging in was going to be luxurious.


When SHTF, you can kiss electricity goodbye. That means no refrigeration, lighting and heating systems, or cell phone charging (sorry, kids). For lighting, make sure that each member of your family has a flashlight or headlamp to keep them from stumbling around in the dark. And whatever you do, don’t forget about stockpiling batteries! As for heating, you can always use a non-electric space heater, but your best bet is probably going to be to layer up and use insulated sleeping bags.

Whether you decide to bug in or bug out, the most important thing you can do is have the right gear on hand. Besides, you can’t survive a SHTF scenario with just a lamp and a knife. If you’re a BattlBox subscriber, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The gear you get every month will help you get through any SHTF scenario. If you want a better chance of survival when SHTF, you can always join the BattlBox family here.

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