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Emergency Steps to Take Before, During and After a Disaster

Protect your family in any emergency with a foolproof contingency plan People who escape natural catastrophes can consider themselves lucky. But, surv

BattlBox Black: Is It Worth It?

Battlbox Black has experienced quite the buzz surrounding it lately, and I recently had a chance to sit down with Patrick Kelley, BattlBox’s Chief Ope

Unexpected Uses for Paracord

Every good prepper or outdoorsman knows that paracord can be one of the most useful tools. And if you’re not a good prepper or outdoorsman yet, that’s

9 Ways to Purify Water

There are plenty of different methods for water purification, and whether SHTF or you’re planning a camping trip where you’ll need to purify your own

3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start hunting for the perfect gift for good ol’ dad. Whether your old man is a seaso

4 Easy Camping Meals for Every Outdoorsman

Whether you’re headed out on a week-long solo camping excursion, or you’re pitching a tent out back with your family, the one thing that’s not going t

5 Things that Should Never be in Your Bug Out Bag

When assembling your bug out bag, it’s easy to get carried away and start throwing in every knife and flashlight you own because you might need it. Ev

The 5 Levels of Preparedness

As survivalists, we know that it’s our job to be prepared for any and every possible situation to occur at any time. But those crazy non-preppers are

How to Start a Fire Using Flint

Whether you’re out camping in the woods or you’re faced with a SHTF scenario, one thing will never change: you’re going to need a fire. Fire is the ho

6 Surefire Signs You’re a Prepper

Whether you’re one of those “crazy” preppers, or you’re just the average Joe of the prepper world, we’re all one and the same. One thing is for sure t

The Ultimate Christmas List for Preppers

Alright y’all, Christmas is almost here. You didn’t forget to get a gift for your prepper buddy, did you? Gift giving truly is an art, but we know it’

Backpacking Checklist: 7 Things to Do Before Your Next Trip

Regardless of where you’re headed, your backpack is your best friend. When backpacking, you want to take everything you need and nothing more. No matt