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Battlbox Holiday Gift Guide!

Here comes BattlBox, Here comes BattlBox, right down your lane! <Look who we caught in the act! We’re definitely on Santa’s nice list. Yeehaw!>

Outdoor Skills You Can Teach Your Children

In November 2020, a 9-year-old kid from Tennessee survived for three days in the wilderness after getting lost. He didn’t have any food or water with

Gross Animals You Could Eat to Survive

Being stranded hundreds of miles from civilization can make you do unthinkable things. One of them is eating gross animals to stay alive. It might no

Top 5 Beginner Camping Mistakes To Avoid

Camping is a fun and exciting activity that you can practice in several ways. You can do it alone, with friends or family. You can do it on a weekend

Easy and Delicious Camping Recipes

The prime camping season is upon us as summer cools into fall. One of the most challenging things to prep for is cooking for a family while camping. T

BattlBox Black: Is It Worth It?

Battlbox Black has experienced quite the buzz surrounding it lately, and I recently had a chance to sit down with Patrick Kelley, BattlBox’s Chief Ope

Cooking Off The Grid

Maybe the power is only out for a few hours during a storm, but maybe those hours turn into a few days, weeks, or even months. Do you know ways to coo

Prepping with Pets

Anything that is dangerous for you is dangerous for your four-legged family members too. However, petscannot fend for themselves, so it is important t

Top 5 Survival Knots to Know

Whether you’re trying to keep supplies suspended off the ground or climbing up a rocky ridge to a higher vantage point, knot tying is a useful skill t

Four Ways to Get Kids Interested in the Outdoors

Today’s kids spend hours a day staring at screens. Phones, computers, videogames, and televisions takeup time that used to be spent outside exploring

4 Easy Camping Meals for Every Outdoorsman

Whether you’re headed out on a week-long solo camping excursion, or you’re pitching a tent out back with your family, the one thing that’s not going t

4 Natural Insect Repellents

Being a survivalist is all about how you use your natural resources to your advantage. While we love all things outdoors as much as the next person, o