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Top 5 Survival Knots to Know

Whether you’re trying to keep supplies suspended off the ground or climbing up a rocky ridge to a higher vantage point, knot tying is a useful skill t

Five Ways to Get Kids Interested in the Outdoors

Today’s kids spend hours a day staring at screens. Phones, computers, videogames, and televisions takeup time that used to be spent outside exploring

4 Easy Camping Meals for Every Outdoorsman

Whether you’re headed out on a week-long solo camping excursion, or you’re pitching a tent out back with your family, the one thing that’s not going t

4 Natural Insect Repellents

Being a survivalist is all about how you use your natural resources to your advantage. While we love all things outdoors as much as the next person, o

How to Start a Fire Using Flint

Whether you’re out camping in the woods or you’re faced with a SHTF scenario, one thing will never change: you’re going to need a fire. Fire is the ho

Hammock vs. Tent Camping: Which is Right for You?

There have been many great debates in this world around camping, but our favorite has been the ongoing battle between tents and hammocks. There are pl

7 Things You Need When Car Camping

We love a good camping trip. But we get that sometimes you can’t go all out and hike miles into the mountains to find your campsite. Sometimes the bes

The Easiest Way to Carry Collected Firewood Back to Camp

We all know one of the most tedious tasks of a camping trip is gathering firewood. You need a fire, so it’s not something you can avoid. However, it t

Everything You Need to Know About Hiking and Camping

Staying in the know when it comes to hiking and camping can help further your survival skills, and can make each trip more enjoyable than the last. We

6 Ways to Create the Ultimate Base Camp

When you’re camping, your base camp is everything. Especially when you’re on a long camping trip, base camp should be your home away from home, and it


Planning a hiking or camping trip is exciting, but let’s face it, we could all afford to be a little more practical -- especially when it comes


If we’re being totally honest, there’s not a single season or weather threat that could keep us from getting outside. You’ll find many of us hik

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