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Battlbox Holiday Gift Guide!

Battlbox Holiday Gift Guide!

Here comes BattlBox, Here comes BattlBox, right down your lane!

<Look who we caught in the act! We’re definitely on Santa’s nice list. Yeehaw!>

 Ready to #Sleigh this holiday season and spread the cheer?

It’s all fun and games until you need to buy gifts for your family, friends and colleagues. As daunting this might be, do not let it dampen your holiday spirit! So, sit tight, skip the headache and time spent browsing the internet frantically searching what to give them this year, read this guide that our team has carefully put together to make it a December to remember!

We’re a couple of weeks shy of Thanksgiving, but with all of the known supply chain issues both internationally and locally as recently seen in the news causing delays and who knows what else is going on in 2021, it might be a wise move to be more proactive about holiday shopping as early as now and get ahead of any delays to make sure your gifts arrive in time for Christmas.

If you're still stuck on what to purchase for everyone in your list, you can check out our all-time best products we put together below that fits every budget. And here's a kicker you shouldn’t miss: Fast shipping and all under-$100 price tag. Click the links or Yule be sorry!

 We know, while your loved ones may prefer something more conventional, classic and trusty good ‘ol gifts, why not make it more personal this year by taking a different approach and start giving them something definitely unique? You know, like those items they would have never even thought of buying for themselves —or  never heard of, for that matter.

  We know, you might find that some of these items might be slightly leaning on the unusual side (like our monthly subscription, hello?). But hey, c’mon, listen: you know what? Their peculiar, eccentric sides are all a part of their appeal. Maybe you can even make this a new yearly tradition. What we can surely promise is that you're guaranteed to find something here that will definitely bring surprise and delight to everyone on your holiday shopping list.

  From the small trinkets that will be the perfect stocking stuffer gifts, to the bigger stuff that will surely bring on the holiday cheers, we have curated several totally cool and unique gifts for the people you love that are equally practical and thoughtful.

‘Nuff said. Alright, let’s get you started. Yeehaw!


Gifts under $15

AKA The “Stocking stuffers” These small gifts are our proven and tested useful trinkets!

-        This small and compact Firestarter is lit! Also features a 120db whistle for emergency situations.

-        A vinyl sticker that we think would be a cool memento.

-        Ditch the usual wipes and pack this in your bags anytime, anywhere! Simple to use, just Smack, Squish, Tear, and Scrub the dirt away!

-        A PVC patch you can slap on your bag or cap!

-        The P & G purifier of water packet provides clean drinking water for your family's preparedness needs, including emergencies and remote outdoor settings where drinking water is not available. A single packet treats 2.5 Gallons/10 liters of water.

-        One of our best sellers and seen on our show, Southern Survival! Light your fire in even the most severe conditions.

-        This is an Eco-friendly & bio-degradable outdoor grill, lessens your pack's weight and saves space in it while making sure you get your hot meal and leaves no trash behind.

-        This is an amazing glass breaker and seatbelt cutter with a size of a keychain so you can stash this around you anytime, anywhere.

-        The perfect gift for your loved one who likes compact yet complete first aid kits to keep in their bags.

-        Say goodbye to awkward angles and it looks so #retro.

-        Of course, we had to add useful information for survival to make this a badass bandana!

-        The coolest stocking you’ll have (and need)! Need we say more?



Gifts under $30

Ho! Ho! Ho! Are you feeling the vibe?

-        Lightweight, fully adjustable, and discreet. Breaks glass efficiently and comes with a handcuff key for more badass function!

-        Multiple uses: road flare, emergency beacon, marine applications, camping/outdoors. More so, has 10 different flashing modes for every need.

-        Yes, you read that right! And it is connected to a 16” paracord handles so you get both a chainsaw and paracord when you need them

-        This marker contains a fluorescent green dye which spreads over the surface of the water so as to increase one’s visibility for a pilot to see. The marker can easily be placed in a life vest pocket or life raft safety kits.

-        Keep your head warm with this cute beanie that even your kid would love! (Check out our kids gift box, too)

-        This versatile gear clip hangs securely, rotates 360°, and folds compactly in ways other carabiners, clips and hooks can’t, helping you keep your gear organized and exactly where you want it, no matter the activity.

-        As easy and fast to apply as a bandage and requires minimal training and procedure preparation. Clinical studies show they’re 7x faster than using sutures.

-        A great kit for the impromptu tracking job, and it all fits in its own small case.

-        The Slacker tripod stool is a lightweight camp chair that folds down small, it is easy to set up and is the perfect blend between comfort, portable and durability.


Gifts under $50

Oh, deer! More good stuff!

-        Screw loose? Your Bastion gear utility wallet can help in a pinch. Aluminum black wallet with four steel tools... nail file, bottle opener, mini pry and Philips head screwdriver.

-        Always having an efficient way to start a fire is a must and the lightweight NANOSTRIKER XL makes a perfect EDC.

-        Not your usual band aid! The NuStat hemostatic dressing is used by professionals to stop the loss of blood fast. It is an advanced hemostatic surgical dressing that allows for temporary control of bleeding displaying Class III or Class IV bleeding.

-        Yeehaw! Another crowd fave! Go for this badass brush to clean your teeth and stock up on stowaway tools!

-         Not only used for sleeping and warmth, a wool blanket can be useful in many survival situations. Use it to make a bushcraft chair, serve as emergency shelter, use it as a backpack, improvise a poncho, use it as ground cover... the list goes on and on.

-        Need to store and protect sensitive gear? Customize to protect whatever you want by simply removing foam to hold your items snugly.

-        You'll travel light and fast with this waterproof first aid kit, designed for multi-sport trips of 1-4 days with 1-4 people. The kit features two layers of rugged waterproofing protection, keeping the contents safe and dry even in the most extreme elements.

-        USB rechargeable multifunctional flashlight. Three primary LED modes, max output up to 160 ANSI lumens.


Gifts under $100

Totally #Sleighed it!

-        Crowd fave! Sweet chair with 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum chair brings the comfort of your favorite “large” camp chair

-        Great for heavy packing for those bulky items!

-        The Survivor Filter Pro Portable Water Filter Pump is the best of its kind. With a filtration level to an unbelievable 0.01 microns, the Survivor Filter Pro has the highest level of filtration available on the market today, for any kind of portable water filter.

-        The Dango A10 Adapt Wallet can also be used by itself as a great slim, all-aluminum, RFID blocking wallet or transform into a high-capacity bifold wallet with its full range of pocket adapters.

-        Designed to safeguard the wearer during a variety of activities and or events, the PD-100 is dependable for strong protection against organic vapors and 95% of particulates down to 0.3 microns. 

If sky’s the limit for you, or you’re the ultimate traveler; you might want to check out these items, too! 


If you like to go with hand-picked themed gift boxes, you can visit our site ( and yes, we have something for the kids there, too!


If you’re looking at gifting a 6 month or 12 month worth of boxes to your loved ones, or maybe you’d want boxes for yourself; You may check out this link

Once you’re ready and done checking out your cart for all the gifts for the special people in your life, you can now sit back, wait for your items to arrive and spread the holiday cheer. After all, the best part of gift giving is seeing your loved ones’ faces glow with happiness when you find exactly what they didn't think they needed until you gave it.

May your days be Merry and Bright! 

Whoop! Whoop! So, who’s on  your naughty or nice list yet? Either way, #Sleighed it.

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