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John Roman

4 Natural Insect Repellents

4 Natural Insect Repellents

Being a survivalist is all about how you use your natural resources to your advantage. While we love all things outdoors as much as the next person, one thing we can all agree on is that insects suck. Listen, we know that they can be a tasty snack when desperate times call for desperate measures, but any other time they’re nothing but a nuisance.

Enter these natural insect repellants.

Beauty Berries

A lot of outdoorsmen believe that beauty berries are toxic, but they’re actually safe to eat. We wouldn’t feat on them all in one sitting, though. You never really know how they’re going to settle in your stomach. But their leaf oil can repel insects. Just crush their leaves and rub them onto your skin.


 Catnip: natural insect repellents

Catnip is a plant that's commonly grown in many gardens and can be used for more than just winning your cat’s love. Because of the chemicals inside of it and the scent it omits, it makes a great insect repellent. All you have to do is crush it up and apply it directly to the skin to keep mosquitos away.


Garlic: natural insect repellents

Garlic is the holy grail of repellents. It keeps both insects AND people away - double whammy! It’s natural sulfur, and because mosquitoes’ bodies are so soft, the garlic juice can be toxic to them. As long as you don’t mind smelling like an Italian restaurant, garlic can be the perfect repellent.


Marigolds: Natural insect repellents

Marigolds are an easy-to-grow flower that you can find just about anywhere. If you’re a prepper who prefers their own homegrown gardens, these bad boys do a good job in protecting your veggies from all sorts of beetles and bugs. They also emit a smell that mosquitoes hate. Grab a few out of your garden and make them into a spray for a natural repellent.

Every region is different, so it’s best practice as a prepper to take some time and become familiar with the plants, wild berries, and fruits are in your area, You never know what you could use to your advantage!

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