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7 Plants to Use for First-Aid

Not everything in your first-aid kit needs to be from the store. Some of the best resources for relieving ailments can be found in your own backyard;

What is a Tourniquet?

What is a Tourniquet? Up until recently an almost taboo term, these important devices have since become known to be the most effective way to staunch

How & When to Apply a Hasty Tourniquet

A tourniquet is traditionally a constricting band placed around an arm or leg to control bleeding of a wound. These aren’t just little wounds we’re ta

6 Things About Medical Kits Every Prepper Should Consider

Without a medical kit handy, you and your family face grave danger. Even if you do have one, do you have everything you need? More importantly, do you


Think you’re as prepared as it gets when it comes to hiking? Even the most experienced and prepared hikers can get injured on the trail. Always

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