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Daniel Dabbs

The Ultimate Camping Checklist: What To Bring Camping

The Ultimate Camping Checklist

If you’re planning your next next camping trip, there are many things you want to look out for. Of course, there are many tips and skills you can learn to make the most out of your trip. But what types of camping gear will you need the most? Typically it's best to plan ahead and make sure you have a camping list.

When it comes to camping, we believe you can’t plan a trip without these Camping Necessities:

  1. A solid tent. You need something lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Our favorite option? Our own Battlbox single man tent (which has a with built in-mosquito net and removable rain fly). Camping with a friend? Then the Tupik 2-Person Tent will be perfect for you as it has a better size tent footprint and is more spacious! Both of these tent options are quick and easy to setup and take down. Don't forget some extra tent stakes! (just in case)
  2. A survival first aid kit. You never know what you’ll run into when camping, so come prepared for everything. One of the easiest way's to do that is to carry a first aid kit... even if it's minimal. It's always better to be prepared because you never know if you or a loved one may get injured while out camping. The Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit is the way to go. Or if you're looking for a First Aid option within a specific option, check out these more compact options: Day Tripper Lite Medical KitBackpacker Medical Kit, or the Ultralight/Watertight .9 Medical Kit. And don't forget to throw in a multi tool or sharp knife for cutting tape and other bandages.
  3. A water filtration system. Staying hydrated and packing a water bottle with you is extremely important in any activity, but when you know you’ll be away from faucets and safe drinking water, come prepared. Check out the Survivor Filter Pro Portable Water Filter or the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System.
  4. A stove set. Camping doesn’t have to mean eating bad food. Get to know how to use a solid camping stove and you’ll be set.
  5. Basic Fire Starting Essentials. Luckily we've got an array of ways to start a campfire: Firedragon Solid Fuel Blocks, Zippo Typhoon Waterproof Matches, Flint & Steel Firestarter, and much more here
  6. Comfortability. Camping doesn’t have to be tough; we believe it can be relaxing and comfortable if you come prepared. This item is left up to you. Some of our personal favorites are the Klymit X-Pillow, BattlTac "Bubbie" Sleeping Bag, CaliLoha Reversible Down Blanket, and the Lord & Field Wool Blanket! All of these will help keep you warm. And if you're more into glamping, then you might want to try something fancy like a full-blown air mattress or sleeping pad and a super lux sleeping bag. Typically not as portable, but definitely more comfortable!
  7. A good attitude. No one likes a sore camper. Period.
  8. Optional Items: Other things to consider if you're camping at a formal campsite or park with your family and friends vs camping out in the middle of the woods: Duct tape, toilet paper, paper towel, trash bags, bottle opener, shower shoes or flip flops, lip balm, dish soap, cooking oil, cutting board, containers for food storage, camp chairs, insect repellant... to simply name a few.

If you’re looking for more gear to upgrade your camping checklist, check out our extensive Camping Collection and keep checking back for more future products to make the most out of your camping trip.

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