Emergency Food Supply Gift Box



Everything you need for emergency food storage - all in one box! This gift box includes nine different shelf-stable foods, utensils, a thermos, a spice wallet, and a cooler to store it all in (or use to hold your favorite cold drinks on the go). 

Whether SHTF or the power goes out, this food package should have you covered for the week. 

Ready Hour 72HR Meal Kit - $24.95

ReadyWise Early Dawn Breakfast Skillet - $8.98

Southern Survival Trail Chili - $12.99

Baro Cook 400 mL Travel Mug - $25.00

Coleman Klondike 24 Can, 24 Hour Cooler - $59.99

Lord & Field Bushcraft Spice Wallet - $29.99

UCO Switch Spork 2-Piece Utensil Set - $7.99

Going Gear Hot/Cold Vacuum Insulated Train Thermos - $22.99

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