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Brandon Currin

Mission 88 Brief

Mission 88 Brief

What's up BattlBoxers? It's time for Mission 88 of BattlBox! Spring has sprung and if you're not already enjoying the outdoors, it's time to start gathering and prepping your gear for the season ahead. This month's box has gear for cordage use, keeping you covered, slicing and dicing, keeping you safely hydrated, and gaining a little bit of knowledge. So let's get to it and take a deep dive into Battlbox Mission Brief 88. YEEHAW!


Basic Box

Insight Editions: Total Knife Manual ($29.00)

Whether you're hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, or facing a life-or-death survival situation, one thing is certain: you need a good knife. In this authoritative book, Eddie Nickens, Field & Stream editor at large and author of The Total Outdoorsman, tells you everything you need to know about choosing the right knife for the job, using it correctly, keeping it sharp, and more. Packed with 141 top tips, tricks, and skills, The Total Knife Manual covers topics such as butchering game, filleting fish, knives for survival, expected and unusual camping and outdoor uses for knives, sharpening and caring for your knife, tricks to amaze and amuse, forging your own blade, and more!


My Medic Super Bivvy ($24.95)

When you're in an outdoor survival situation, proper protection from the elements is necessity! The Super Bivvy from My Medic is made of waterproof, windproof, and snow proof material to keep you warm, covered, and protected. These are great for a number of survival needs...keeping warm, signaling, first aid, shelters, water collection, and more. Small and light, this bivvy makes a potentially lifesaving addition to your camping gear, survival bag, car, or home. Because the bivvy is reusable, the included carry bag comes with extra space so you can actually get the bivvy back inside! Oh, did we mention that the Super Bivvy is 100% Made in the USA!


Gear Aid Extra Heavy-Duty 1100 Paracord ($14.95)

Having cordage is a staple in survival, bushcraft, prepping etc. And 550 cord has pretty much been the standard in those areas. But how about those larger, more grueling tasks that could use some cordage on steroids? Designed to be durable and strong, the paracord is. for extra heavy-duty jobs at camp or in the field. The 5.5 mm, 16-strand construction, makes it double the strength of 550 Paracord. It's tough cordage that offers less stretch-ideal for securing shelter and gear. Use it to tie down luggage, tarps, tents, or equipment on vehicles, kayaks, and rafts. Its burly thickness allows for easier handling when used as a bear hang, clothesline, boat anchor, and kayak towline. Whether camping, hunting, or paddling, this reflective paracord works hard all day and all night. Paracord is a useful tool to keep adventures smooth and manageable no matter the outdoor location or destination.


Advanced Box

SLNT Faraday Dry Bag 2.5 Liters ($49.95)

Dry bags are excellent for keeping your gear safe from the elements and can even function as an improvised flotation device in a pinch. But what if it could also provide protection for sensitive electronic devices? Well here we have just that! This waterproof and signal-proof dry bag is designed to ensure your devices become invisible, untrackable, and silent. By placing electronic devices inside you are securing them from water and wireless threats. Instantly block Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC, EMF, EMP, and Key Fobs. Super lightweight, packable, and durable 400D Nylon Ripstop that rolls down as small as you like. Perfect for travel, wet environments, and variable weather conditions all the while keeping your electronics secure. Don't leave your safety and security in the hands of just any product. 


Pro Box

GRAYL 16.9oz Ultrapress Purifier ($89.95)

Several month's back, I posted a vidja about this exact product. This is, in my opinion, the most convenient and useful water filtration/purification product there is. Perfect for everyday use in the home, office or on the go. And, of course, it's perfect for in the wild. It's also an excellent companion to the MODL Bottle from last month. Use the Grayl again and be on your way with collectively 52.9oz of clean purified water. Ridiculously easy to use —the UltraPress® Covert Edition fits into any pack pocket (or cup holder), requires zero setup, and makes 16.9 ounces of clean purified water in a blazing fast 10 seconds. Stealth on-the-go filtration and purification for the hiker, backpacker, hunter, or global adventurer seeking discretion and fast-flow purified water for drinking, filling hydration reservoirs, or cooking. Simply—Fill. Press. Drink™. Removes all waterborne pathogens including virus (e.g. Rotavirus, SARS, Hepatitis A, Norovirus), bacteria (e.g. E. coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Dysentery) and Protozoa (e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Amoebae).You’ll receive one of four colors: Covert Black, Olive Drab, Coyote Brown, and DesertTan. 


Pro Plus Box

Fox Knives Air Fox ($99.99)

The Fox Knives Air Fox has that old school feel but with Modern Materials and the amazing quality you come to expect from FOX Cutlery. The stonewashed N690Co stainless steel blade is just under 3" long, sharp and locks in solid. Thumb stud is provided to allow for one handed opening. The OD Green FRN Nylon reinforced fiberglass scales are comfortable in the hand for every holding position. It is light, weighing in at only 100 grams. A high quality simplistic folder that's built like a tank and commands respect. If you are in the know at all about knives, then you are aware of the craftsmanship and quality that comes from FOX in Maniago, Italy. If not, just look up Maniago, Italy. It is basically an entire city that has been built around cutlery for centuries and is known to be the birthplace of the finest cutlery in Italy. 


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