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Collin Smith

The Best Home Security Measures to Prepare for Emergencies, Pandemics and Martial Law Lock down

Protect your family with the best home security systems, cameras, locks, and disaster kits

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has proven that we take our survival for granted once again. Even the most skeptical non-preppers quickly discovered that simple things like food, water and the freedom of movement can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

Another essential aspect of our lives that we always seem to neglect is home security. Many people believe that the authorities will ensure our protection at all times. However, during an emergency when resources are scarce and the perpetrators outnumber the security forces, you might have to fend for yourself.

We compiled this short guide on home security measures to help you keep your family safe. Whether we are hit by a new pandemic or a governmental lockdown, you can count on these safety tips in case of emergencies.

Why You Need to Prepare In Time for Emergencies

The early weeks of 2020 did not announce any major changes to our regular lifestyles. People were planning their summer vacations ahead. Some were booking Spring Break accommodations, and others were organizing their much-awaited weddings and honeymoons.

No one was expecting to be in an emergency lockdown by Easter. Very few were those prepared for such a situation. Unsurprisingly, they are the same ones who are withstanding these exceptional circumstances the best.

Emergency preparedness is crucial, and it is never too late to employ it, even when a global pandemic takes you by surprise. Here are some of the benefits of preparing in time for emergencies:

  • Reduce the impact of a disaster situation
  • Have more control over your odds to survive
  • Less anxiety, fear, and uncertainty
  • Safe storage of food, water, and first aid supplies
  • Have essential tools in easy reach
  • Lead your family with confidence to safety
  • Enhanced protection against outside invaders
  • Quick communication channels with first responders
  • Be ready to support the efforts of disaster-relief organizations

What are the Best Home Security Measures?

Unless you live in an impenetrable fortress on a remote island, you will have to improve the safety of your property.

Home security measures range from simple and cheap to complex and hefty. When it comes to the protection of your loved ones, you cannot underestimate the resources that you will have to spend in implementing it.

Here are a few tips on how to enhance the protection of your home and prepare for an emergency:

Home Security Systems

Consider installing a high-performance security system for your property. Choose one that comes with high-tech video cameras, sensors, and alarms. Set it up to alert you of a possible breach through common break-in areas like doors, windows and roof hatches.

Bolt Locks

Investing in titanium bolt locks may seem like an unnecessary purchase in times of peace. However, during an emergency when safety is no longer certain, they will enhance the security of your family.

Sensor Lights

Set up a security system of sensor lights all-around your property. Opt for lights that turn on when there is movement in your yard. This way, you will have an early warning of potential intruders.

Fireproof & Waterproof Safes

Keep your valuables and important documentation in sturdy safes that have been designed to resist fires and indoor flooding.

Gun Safety Containers

If you have a license to bear and use firearms, you should keep them in a gun safety container. Put it in easy reach during an emergency, but out of the reach of children as well.

Sign Posters

You should post signs on the fences of your property as warnings for potential intruders. Posters about vicious dogs, video surveillance, firearms, and even bear traps should deter unwanted visitors in times of emergency.

Safe Room

When everything else fails, it is ideal to have a safe room where you and your family can retreat. This area of your house should be impenetrable from outside, and it should include food and water supplies for a few days, communication lines with the outside world and first aid supplies.

Emergency Preparedness for Pandemics

Pandemics have the rude habit of dropping in uninvited at the wrong possible time. The news of an air-born virus spreads panic among people. Hospitals become overwhelmed with patients. Governments put entire countries in lockdown, and basic resources become almost impossible to find.

If you do not want to have the lowest chances of survival during a pandemic, you need to ensure that your family benefits from the best emergency preparedness measures at all times.

Here are a few safety tips that should help you prepare better for the next pandemic:

  • Determine an area of your home where you and your family will retreat
  • Your confinement area should have a quarantine room where the potentially infected can recover
  • Have a reliable supply of emergency food that can feed your family for at least two months
  • Store enough potable water that should last your family for at least two months
  • Have enough clothing, bedding and sanitation supplies for a minimum of two months
  • Store first aid supplies, medication and special medicine needed by particular family members
  • Make sure that you have a fully-equipped toolbox that will help you solve easy maintenance issues
  • Have plenty of entertainment activities and solutions that will relieve anxiety and help your loved ones pass the time more easily
  • If you retreat to a safe room, ensure that it has a reliable electricity generator and a sewage evacuation system
  • Have last-minute alternatives for communications like ham radios, FRS walkie-talkies, flare guns or satellite messengers
  • Ensure the continuous functioning of your home security system, even if you retreat to the basement or another area of your property
  • Have a money reserve of cash and coins that you can use in case card payments are no longer possible
  • Store special items and necessities for your family like baby diapers, hearing aid batteries, eyeglasses, as well as food and medication for your pets

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