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Daniel Dabbs

Things to Consider When Planning Camp Meals

Things to Consider When Planning Camp Meals

Who says you can’t eat well when you’re camping? Whether you’re alone or camping with a group, know what you’re getting into and set a plan for your meals. Here are some things to consider:

1. Type of camping - Are you hiking to a campsite in the backcountry? Don’t fill up your pack with unnecessary food and tools. Check this article for most common camping mistakes and how to avoid them. You can get away with eating freeze-dried food (which can actually be delicious), or you can find plenty of other options that take up less space. Of course, access to a cooler is a game-changer.

2. Length of trip - If you’ll be gone for more than a few days, you’ll definitely need to consider packing freeze-dried foods and other meals that take less space. If you have a solid camp stove, you have more options while still packing lightly.

3. Prep time - Are you planning long hikes each day, or will you have plenty of time to prepare? If you only have a short window of time between setting up camp and nightfall to prepare a meal, consider packing canned goods or meals that take little to no prep. The staples like hamburgers and hot dogs are never a bad idea.

4. Prep before the trip - If you have time, do some meal prepping before you leave. Chop up some produce, grab some pre-cooked foods like sausage and ham (so you don’t have to worry about cooking all the way through), and package ingredients for individual meals together so you can save time and space.

At the end of the day, having the right gear and plan can change everything. If you’re still looking to add to your camping list, check out our store for our favorite finds.

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