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Daniel Dabbs



Which one are you?

The over-packer: You may be an overachiever, you may be a good planner, or you may just be worried that you never pack enough. You’re also significantly attached to all your camping gear and just can’t decide which items to give up. You probably have a tough time giving up other things and may have been called a hoarder once or twice in your life...

The under-packer: You’re either overly confident in your abilities to take on the wilderness, or you just forget things easily. You most likely will have to borrow items from your friends (hint: plan a trip with the over-packer in your life). Your friends and family can probably count on you to show up unprepared to any social gathering, so why change now?

The food packers: If you pack more food than clothes, you might be a food packer. Maybe you’re worried about getting hungry and weak on the trip, or maybe you just really like food. No judgement here; just know that you may be seen as the overindulgent one of the group, and they’ll probably blame you if the snacks go missing.

The tool packers: If your pack is full of tools and little else, you’re a tool packer. You’re ready for anything, but your hopes may be too high; you may have dreams of using one of your many knives to save your family from a bear attack, when in reality you’re probably just using it to cut some food or branches. But hey, at least you look cool.

The survival packers: The survivalist at heart. You’re ready for anything. (Hint: if you get hurt or stranded, find this person.)

The comfortable packers: Are you the one who packs extra clothes, the most comfortable sleeping pad, or the ultimate sleeping bag? You don’t let anything disrupt your sleep or relaxation time. And who are we to blame? Camping should be relaxing!

None of these are bad things, and we recommend having some of these folks with you on each camping trip -- it’ll make it that much more enjoyable. Share your results with us (mainly so we know which of you to consider taking a camping trip with)!

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