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Daniel Dabbs

7 Kid-Friendly Summer Activities to Step Up Your Prepping Game

7 Kid-Friendly Summer Activities to Step Up Your Prepping Game

If you’re a parent, grandparent, or the cool uncle, you know the summer can be a tough time to keep the kids occupied, especially at a young age. We believe the phrase “I’m bored” shouldn’t be in your kids’ vocabulary this year. And we know how to make that happen, while also sneaking in important outdoor skills!

These activities will help even young children put down their phones and gaming systems, get outside, and, most importantly, learn valuable basic survival skills. From basic first aid to shelter building, it is fun and benefitial to prepare your kids at an early age!

Bonus: most of these are free, too! (You’re welcome.)

1. Camp. Even if you and the family can’t get away for a camping trip, set up a tent in the backyard and teach your kids lifelong camping skills. Make it a weekly or monthly thing, and focus on a new skill each time. Older children could also be shown a great skill for survival, like building fires or following animal tracks. Show them the common types of wild game in your area! By the end of the summer, your kids will be camping pros!

2. Cook. Plenty of delicious meals can be made in your backyard, so take this time to teach your kids some skills. Start with using a grill before moving onto cooking over a campfire, and even introduce them to freeze-dried meals.

3. Forage. Teach kids all about edible plants. This can give you peace of mind when the kids are outside playing, too. Grab a book and head into the woods. Eventually, you might even be able to use some of your edible findings in one of your backyard meals. When it comes to older kids, consider venturing into teaching them to catch small game. Being able to find food in like this is one of  basic wilderness survival skills that every kid should start to think about!

4. Grow food. Teach your kids the importance of sustainability. Decide on a few items to grow in your own backyard. The more you involve your kids, the more likely they are to take responsibility and keep up with the food.

5. Practice emergency drills. Teach your kids all about your bug out plan for a survival situation. Show them where items are stored and make sure they understand the importance of always being prepared. You can even help them put together a survival kit, including a first aid kit and other survival essentials. Then, practice different drills in your home. Practice living without water and/or power, practice escaping the home in the event of an emergency, and practice being stuck inside your home. It’s important to make this more informative than scary, and it’s okay to have fun with this and keep a positive attitude!

6. Use maps. Teach your kids to use maps by creating a treasure hunt or an “Amazing Race” competition. This will teach them the importance of navigating and situational awareness, while showing them the reward you get from being efficient.

7. Build shelters. Kids love building blanket forts inside, so take those skills to outdoor recreation where they really matter! Teach them a few things about building shelters, and build upon their shelter throughout the entire summer. Also show them now to spot a natural shelter, like caves or hollow trees. This will earn a lot of cool points with their friends and contribute greatly to their essential survival skills!

See, survival skills for kids can be fun! As you head into summer vacations, make it a goal to get your kids outside and to teach them important survival skills. What are you planning on teaching them this year?

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