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Meghan Ham

Battlbox vs. Bespoke Post: Which Subscription Box is Best for the Outdoorsman

Battlbox vs. Bespoke Post: Which Subscription Box is Best for the Outdoorsman


Bespoke Post

Reviews (via TrustPilot)

4.7 Stars (1,917 reviews)  

3.6 Stars (15 reviews)


Team of outdoor professionals selecting and testing each product

Multiple box themes made for the masses. No one true focus


Multiple box options to meet your needs (containing 3-9 items)

One box option (containing 2-4 items)


Large community of like-minded outdoorsmen and survivalists

No community

So you decided you want to start experiencing the joy of getting a subscription box full of exciting products each month. In today’s market, there seem to be endless options to choose from and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which box is right for you. Here, we will be breaking down the differences between BattlBox and Bespoke Post, so you can better decide which box is your best fit!

BattlBox vs. Bespoke: Focus and Expertise

Here’s the BIG question…what are you shopping for? Both BattlBox and Bespoke Post are subscription boxes with origins of being for men! But what man? You know what you like, so you might as well subscribe to a box that understands and lives by those interests. Are you looking for a couple of whiskey glasses or essential gear that is going to make camping, survival, and off-the-grid living easier? We’ll let you decide:

BattlBox has a clear focus and team of experts that are dedicated to searching the world for the most innovative and useful outdoor, survival, EDC, and tactical gear on the market. Made BY and FOR the avid outdoorsman, BattlBox ensures an experience in gear procurement that you could never experience at your local Dick’s or REI. Bespoke Post has a different set up. The wide variety of box themes includes items for mixology, skin care, camping, and fashion. Sure, you will get a good knife or outdoor cooking aid every now and then, but it will do little to appease the skilled outdoorsman. Where Bespoke Post has aesthetically pleasing camping gear, Battlbox has essential gear that can save your life in any disaster situation you can imagine.


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BattlBox vs. Bespoke: Pricing and Value

PRICE! The very first thing people look out for before making a recurring purchase. You need to decide if the subscription box you choose is something you can afford from month to month. Beyond that, it is important to know if you are spending your money right, based on the VALUE of the products you are paying for. 

Bespoke Post has one subscription level priced differently for members and non-members. Members will pay $49 each month, while non-members will pay $70 for the same items. 

BattlBox is suited for a wide range of price and budget constraints. You have four subscription levels to choose from, including the Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus Box. Starting at $34.99/month, Basic Box subscribers are getting 3-5 high-quality, expert-tested outdoor and survival pieces of gear. Pro Plus members spend $169.99/month for 6-9 items and are inducted into the Knife of the Month Club! That’s right, a new blade every month. If these prices still sound a little high for you, keep in mind the value of the products you are getting! For every $169.99 Pro Plus Box you pay for, you are receiving gear valued at an average of $287! BattlBox breaks down the price of every item you get so you can see your savings in writing each month. 

BattlBox vs. Bespoke: What are you getting each month?

This is another very important step in deciding the best subscription box to fit your needs. What are you getting each month? What have previous boxes been like? How do I best use the products I get each month? All of these questions are bound to cross your mind before and after the purchase.

BattlBox knows how important these questions are and has a team of dedicated members to help you answer each one without having to search through unboxing videos online. Every single previous box is posted in the “What’s in the Box” section of, detailing the item, use, price, and dimensions. Beyond that, you will find a FULL breakdown video from spokesperson and expert outdoorsman, Brandon Currin, explaining each item and its uses in detail. Not only does this help you understand the kind of box you may get in the future, but it shows you that you will never receive an item that the BattlBox team doesn’t stand behind, 100%. 

Bespoke Post also has a section on their website showing the different variety of boxes they send out each month. Unless you are a member, you have no way of knowing which box is going to be similar to the one you get after making a purchase. Almost every Bespoke Post customer is going to receive different items each month, making it difficult to get a feel of what you are purchasing, exactly. Sure, members can decide if you want to swap items or clothing sizes from their box each month, but what if you forget or miss the deadline? You will be stuck with items you may not want or have no viable application in your life. If you are an outdoorsman looking for a box that will always include items suitable for your interests, why not go with the one that’s sole mission is to provide new and exciting outdoor and survival gear.


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BattlBox vs. Bespoke: Community

Getting a subscription box full of items tailored for you is just like Christmas every month. And what would Christmas be if you weren’t surrounded by family or friends? Community-building is an important part of the subscription box game. Sharing your thoughts on the items you get with other subscribers, having a direct line to team members of the company you purchase from, and making connections to people who share your interests are all valuable things to consider. 

BattlBox has always been a company that values community building. From spending time with members of the BattlBox community at conventions to having a Members Only Facebook page over 6,000 strong, there is a place for everyone to share their ideas and opinions each month. Members are free to trade items from previous boxes, so that everyone has a line to the gear they want! All Battlbox team members are active in the group, answering questions and helping the community grow into something more than a transactional experience. 

Bespoke Post services a wide variety of interests with their subscription box model, which makes it difficult for customers to meld into a like-minded community. While one person may get a Bespoke Post box including a bar and mixology set, another member may get a box for foraging and camping. Sure, customers can comment their thoughts below Bespoke Post’s social media pages, but there's no organized location for them to start their own dialogue or share opinions about their monthly box with other community members.

Final Remarks

BattlBox and Bespoke Post are both leaders in the subscription box space, but every company caters to a different community. It is important for you to decide which one is best for what you are looking for. As a lover of the outdoors and all the adventure, danger, and planning that goes into the lifestyle, pick a box that has what YOU need to succeed. If that is you, that box is BATTLBOX.


Choose from our 4 packages and find the right one for you. Not sure which to choose?
No sweat! You can always change or cancel your subscription at any time, online.
(Products in the images below are examples of products you could receive and not the actual box itself)

Basic +S/H


$34.99/month + S/H

Average value of $60

For those just starting out. Receive hand selected items, such as manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear and survival tools!

Advanced +S/H


$64.99/month + S/H

Average value of $100

For the gear junkie! Receive higher value items such as camp equipment, hiking essentials, bushcraft, EDC gear and more!

Includes all items from Basic + Advanced items

Pro +S/H


$119.99/month + S/H

Average value of $180

For the professional outdoorsman and survival minded individual. Receive top tier products such as Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Flashlights, and Tents!

Includes all items from Basic and Advanced + Pro items

Best Seller!
Pro Plus +S/H

Pro Plus

$169.99/month + S/H

Average Value of $287

For the enthusiast & big spender. We are The Original KOTM Club; Brands like TOPS, Kershaw, Spyderco, CRKT, Gerber, Bastion and many more!

Includes all items from Basic, Advanced, and Pro + Pro Plus items

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