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Cameron Carrier

Best Valentine's Gifts For Your Outdoorsmen

Best Valentine's Gifts For Your Outdoorsmen

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and if your partner is a thrill-seeker, adventurer, or outdoor enthusiast, it's time to step away from traditional gifts and embrace the spirit of exploration. This year, surprise your significant other with a thoughtful and exciting gift from Battlbox, the ultimate destination for adventure products. From camping gear to everyday carry essentials and survival tools, Battlbox has curated a collection that speaks to the heart of those who love the great outdoors.

Lord & Field Survival Knife

Does your man need a new sharp tool to keep on his hip? Look no further. This blade is the most durable design for all your man's most rugged tasks. Partnered with a beautiful brown leather sheath, this blade is sure to add a sleek addition to his tool belt. Surely, not even Cupid himself could be happier with this new sharp addition.

GTFO Wrist Strap

For both style and utility, I introduce to you the GTFO Wrist Strap. This bracelet is a perfect addition for your man who likes to think ahead. This Emergency Glass Breaker and Handcuff Key Strap is a lightweight, fully adjustable, and discreet tool designed for emergency vehicle egress and handcuff key functionality. Made with elastic straps and featuring a tungsten striker bead, this tool ensures a reliable method for breaking tempered glass in emergency situations.

Fire Starters

A few camping trips planned ahead? Give the gift of fire for your outdoor experience. A firestarter is perfect for your fella who camps, grills, or enjoys a night around the bonfire with the family. 

Trail Camera

Is he a hunter? Something useful for the man who spends days in the woods in camouflage is a Trail Camera. Your man couldn't thank you enough if he equipped himself with one of these on his next hunting trip. Giving the gift of both sight and stealth, this is one to surely bring a smile to his face.

A BattlBox

Like more than 1 option? Maybe he needs a Battlbox! Equip him with brand new gear every month, without the hassle. Your monthly subscription for hand-picked outdoor, survival, EDC, and other cool gear from our expert team of outdoor professionals.

This Valentine's Day

Go beyond the ordinary and ignite the spark of adventure. Your outdoorsy partner deserves a gift as extraordinary as they are. Explore the curated selection of camping gear, EDC equipment, and survival tools, and give the gift of adventure and love this Valentine's Day. Let the journey begin!

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