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Patrick Kelley

Solo Survival: Strategies and Gear for Thriving Alone in the Wild

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Are you planning to go on a trip to the wild where you will be alone, and you will be dependent on your skills of surviving in the wild? For safe solo travel, you would have to learn survival-alone tips. Otherwise, you won’t be able to survive even for a night in the wild. You never know when the situation gets out of hand in the wild, and you must learn the basic skills and polish them whenever you are in the wild. A Solo trip in the wild might sound exciting at the moment but you must know that it is not that dreamy once you step your foot in the wild. So, you must learn the strategies and how to use the gear for thriving a lone in the wild.

Strategies to thrive alone in the wild

Here are a few strategies that you need to learn and polish your skills to thrive alone in the wild:


Learn to start a fire with one hand

Well, almost every other person can start a fire with both hands, but when it comes to surviving in the wild, then, you must know how to start a fire with one hand. Yes, it is surely possible with the right kind of tool to start a fire with one hand. Learn the skill because it will surely become handy once you are on your out in the wild and you might have to keep other tools in your other hand while you are starting a fire.


Polished communication skills

For your solo wild trip, you will be alone, but still, you must know how to communicate whenever any emergency takes place. So, learn the communication skills that you would certainly require to let everyone know your location when you need any help. For safe solo travel, you must know how you would deal with crucial situations, and knowing how to communicate in the wild is surely one of them.


Learn to utilize cordage

If you don’t know how to utilize a cordage then it is time to learn this skill if you want to survive alone in the wild. How to tie a knot while setting your camp or for any other purpose in the wild is surely a needed skill if you haven’t learned it


Learn how to treat water

Another one of the most important survival-alone tips would be how to treat water. Well, you won’t be able to collect clean water that you can drink without getting sick is difficult. So, learning how you can treat water using the right tool in the wild is necessary. You can get a water purifier packet and a few tablets that will help in treating the water so you can drink it. Keep the clean water stored in a bottle for later use because it would be difficult to treat water now and then.


Gear you need to thrive alone in the wild

After the skills that you will require to survive and thrive in the wild you will need a little gear as well. Without the gear, it is not possible to stay in the wild even for a single night.

So, following is the gear that you need to collect and pack for your solo wild tour:


Battle bandage

There is a great possibility that you get a few cuts on the starting days in the wild, and for that, you must have a battle bandage with you. If you don’t want the cuts or any other injury to get infected in the wild, it would be wise that you have the bandage to keep the wound clean so it can heal. Battle bandages are not normal bandages but are better than any other band-aid. The sterile bandage and stretchable compression wrap are flexible, clean, and more stretchable.


Fire rod

Even if you know how to start a fire without using a fire rod and with your one hand, still it would be wise that you get a fire rod with multiple features. A fire rod with a knife will help you in bush-crafting and sparking a fire in no time. Instead of trying to start a fire while using a simple knife and lighter, it would be best that you get the right type of fire rod that will make your survival easier out in the wild on your own.



How would you move in the wild? Do you know how to read a compass and learn which direction you need to move? If you want to tell someone out there about your location, you must know your location. Compasses are another important and necessary tool that you must carry with you in the wild. Without the compass, it might be difficult or maybe impossible to move in the right direction.



Without the right kind of survival knife, you won’t be able to survive in the wild for a long time. You will need the right kind of knife with a good sheath grip and a durable blade for multiple purposes in the wild. So, instead of buying any random knife, it would be wise to get a LORD & FIELD FRONTIERSMAN SURVIVAL KNIFE that comes with carbon steel, a bow drill divot inside, and many other features.


High-leg hunting boots

You won’t be able to wear normal boots in the wild because they won’t give your feet a good grip, and you won’t know when the weather changes and it starts
raining. So, to be on the safer side, you must have high-leg hunting boots so the moisture won’t reach your feet. It will be easier to move in the wild wearing those boots. Take them off while sleeping to give your feet a rest, but other than that, you must have the hunting boots.



You would have to treat water in the wild before drinking it, and it is not possible without the right kind of tool. So, for that purpose, you will have to buy a tool with a proper water treatment system and any other required equipment. You must learn how to use the tool for the purpose of treating water because drinking dirty water in the wild will only make your survival more difficult in the wild.


Final Verdict


To have a safe solo travel in the wild, you must learn the skills to thrive. Without the skills, strategies, and tools, you won’t be able to hash it on your own. As we have mentioned, the skills you need to learn and the gear you must have in your backpack. Always go prepared for your solo survival in the wild.

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