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Everything you need to know about surviving dangerous weather and natural hazards

Everything you need to know about surviving dangerous weather and natural hazards

Although most people these days have amazingly productive working routines. These routines prove to be lethal if they ever face some dangerous weather or natural hazard. Things like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, lighting, and extreme weather conditions can be very dangerous if we do not know how to manage our survival in those tough times.

You can prepare well for any situation, and you will be able to survive all these natural situations. So, here we will discuss everything you need to know in this regard.

Everything you need to know about surviving dangerous weather and natural hazards

Nature is beautiful, but sometimes things get harsh, and weather hazards are the biggest example. So, here is how you can survive these situations very efficiently.

Make sure that you are in contact with a person outside

The first thing that you need to make sure of is that you must contact a person in a safe place. That person can be a friend or a family member. It is important because they can keep you up to date with the latest information and provide you with the necessary advice.

Follow what the authorities say.

Never go against what the authorities say. If they ask everyone to stay inside, you must stay inside your safe place. They know when is the best time to evacuate, and you must listen to them. Authorities do everything for your wellbeing, so you must follow their commands in such disastrous situations.

Never believe in taking chances.

Taking chances may work in movies, but this can be lethal in real life. So, it would help if you never believed in taking chances because a slight mistake can put everyone in danger.

Have a survival plan

Everything you do must be according to your plan. It would help if you had a survival plan with all of the following things:

  • A vehicle to move
  • Safe route
  • Safe destination
  • How you will manage things

Whether you stay at your place or need to move, you must plan everything.

Use your resources with caution.

You never know how long you are going to stay in this state. So, make sure to use your resources with caution. Whether it is about water, food, toiletries, or any other necessities, you must use them only when needed the most.

Try to stay calm and focused.

Staying calm and focused is the most important thing. You may be worried, but you must never let the worries take over. Boost up your motivation and stay as calm and focused as possible. Only in this way will you be safe and keep your family safe as well.

Assemble a kit for survival

The last and the most important thing you need to have is a survival kit. When you are assembling your survival kit, make sure that you have all of these things in your kit.

  • Cooking set
  • Cutting tools
  • Fire starting tools
  • Something to keep your devices on
  • Compass
  • Water purification and storage

In this way, you will be good to survive most of the things that nature puts on you.

Top Things you need to have in your survival kit

If you also do not have any survival kit for you, then you can get the following things and make your kit yourself.

1.     Camp stove set

This camp stove set comes with everything you will need to cook. There is a put to cook, a stand for placing the pot, a brass stove with a stove cover for better cooking. Lastly, there is a bag to pack everything in it.

2.     Hand chainsaw

You may need to cut a tree branch, a pipe, or something else to use or clear your way. This hand chainsaw will make a perfect choice as it is easy to carry and efficient to use.

3.     Knife

A knife is a necessary part of your survival kit as it allows you to do a lot more beyond cooking. This knife comes with a leather sheath that will make carrying it safely.

4.     Firestarter

You cannot rely on your lighter and matches because they can go bad or finish. However, this fire starter will always be with you. The best part is that it has no issues with getting wet.

5.     Electricity generating stove

Staying in touch is the most important thing, and your phone might be your last hope for everything. This stove is a perfect choice because you can charge your phone just by starting a fire in it. The amazing thing is that it also doubles as a power bank.

6.     Thermos

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things, and this thermos will ensure that you always have water. It will also keep water from freezing in cold temperatures as well as keep it cold on warmer days.

7.     Compass

Sometimes you may need to move, and it is necessary to know the directions when moving. This tiny compass can help you with the right directions. You can attach it to a hook or your necklace/chain. Being a ball compass makes it work at any angle.

8.     Water filter

Drinking bad water can be lethal for you. When there is no water source available, you need to get water from any means possible, and this water filter can help you remove 99.99% of pollutants and contaminants. It can also last long as it is good for up to 25 gallons of water filtering.

While getting these things is a great option, you can also go for the ready-made survival kits available at BattlBox, where professionals will ensure that you get everything necessary for your survival.

Final Remarks:

Survival in dangerous weather is not easy because most of the things are in our favor. So, only knowing what to do is not enough alone. You also need to have all the necessary tools and other stuff in your survival kit. Only in this way will you be able to strategically withstand the harshness of nature.

Image by Keli Black from Pixabay 

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