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Daniel Dabbs

How to Get Outside Even When It’s Cold


We’re huge fans of getting outside. If it were up to us, we’d have all of us put our phones and computers down and head outside right now. While we know work and other responsibilities may be valid excuses, one excuse we don’t buy is that it’s too cold.

Even in the coldest temps, it’s still important to get outside.

Here are some ways you can get outside even when it’s freezing out:

  1. Come prepared. Depending on the activity and the weather, you may need different types of clothing. Layering is your best option.
  2. Keep moving. Your clothes will only keep you so warm; keep the blood circulating and increase your pace when needed. Only take short breaks to avoid your body temperature dropping again.
  3. Increase circulation to your fingers and toes. They’re typically the first things to get cold, and the easiest to get frostbite. Keep your fingers and toes moving by wiggling them regularly, and invest in warm socks, boots, and mittens or gloves.
  4. Fuel your body. Hydrate and eat regularly, especially when it’s cold. Eat healthy fats to boost your metabolism and keep you warm.
  5. Try new things. Push yourself to find new winter hobbies (or adapt your regular hobbies for the cold weather). The more you’re out in the cold, the more you can prepare and enjoy it.

Stay updated with us to find more ways to get outside. Have tips? Let us know!

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