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Brandon Currin

Mission 92 Brief

Mission 92 Brief

Yeah BUDDY! Fall is finally here! Cooler weather is on the way and outdoor adventures are on the horizon.This month, we have a very long-awaited and anticipated item, a way to kick back and relax in the outdoors, find your way in or out, maintain and conceal gear, and of course the ever so needed bladed tools.Turn the page and lets get it on! YEEHAW!

Basic Box

BattlBox Trail Markers ($7.99)

The BattlBox trail markers are an excellent lightweight addition to anyone’s preps. Perfect for creating a crumb trail when exploring unfamiliar areas, tracking a wounded animal and marking last signs of blood, marking a location for others to find, or clipped to the back of a group member’s clothing on a hike in the dark. The possibilities are endless. I love these things!


PFC Aerosol: Earth Scent ($14.99)

For years I’ve looked for a gear lubricant that doesn’t smell like a science experiment... I have first hand experience of the scent spooking game. But this is what I’ve been looking for! A great product without the stank! Use PFC before a hunt to ensure your gear is lubricated and operating correctly without alerting game due to harsh chemical aromas. Use when storing Firearms and gear to prevent corrosion. Is your treestand seat or blind door squeaking? Use PFC there too! PFC can also be used on ATV/ UTV’s, tractors, and other equipment. Advanced non-toxic, solvent-free, lanolin-based formula. PFC Earth adds an Earth cover scent to an already proven formula.


Gear Aid Camo Form Reusable Fabric Wrap ($15.95)

I have used numerous ways to camouflage gear in the past and many times it left my gear covered in a sticky residue. But with this you can properly camouflage firearms and equipment without leaving behind a sticky mess.This self- adhering elastic wrap, conforms to any shape and is easy to apply and remove. When it gets dirty or wet, simply remove, wash, let dry and reapply. Use it to protect and quiet gear and clanking objects while adding grip and insulation from hot and cold surfaces.


Fox Americas: FE-043 ($32.99)

A knife in the Basic Box? YEEHAW! This Micarta Frame Lock Folder designed by Russ Kommer is the perfect down and dirty, get to work EDC knife. This 7.75 inch flipper features a ball-bearing system for easy one-handed opening, Frame lock construction, Micarta Scale, Handy pocket clip, and stonewashed finished 8Cr13MoV steel.


Advanced Box

Klymit Traverse Hammock ($49.99)

I absolutely love using hammocks while lounging in the woods.They’re quick and easy to set up, take very little space in the pack, and they’re just so dang comfortable and fun! Klymit is introducing a new approach to hammocks with a single panel design instead of the traditional three-panel design. In addition to looking pretty cool, this creates a more comfortable sleeping position. It also means less stretching and sagging over time.

  • Lightweight and packs down small
  • Includes: Two 10ft tree straps with 10 daisy chains each and 2 aluminum carabiners
  • Fabric: 75D polyester
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs/28.7 oz
  • Dimensions: 110" x 55"
  • Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years


Pro Box

Gear Scope Breakdown Bow ($74.99)

The time has come! The item you’ve all been waiting for! IT’S BREAKDOWN BOW TIME, BABY! I kinda typed that in my ring announcer voice LOL! Now, read it again out loud with your ring announcer voice. It works. Trust me! Anyways, back to the BREAKDOWN BOW, BABY!

The Pro Box features the Gear Scope Survival Bow & Arrow Set.This bow has a draw weight of 40lbs at around a 28 inch draw, 32.5 inch arrows, and weighs 14 GPI (grains per inch).The complete kit includes a carry bag, bow limbs, riser, hardware to assemble, Allen key, bow string and three arrows with points. Having a breakdown bow, and practicing with it often, could very well be what separates you from the rest of the pack in a survival situation. Not to mention, archery is a fun skill and sport to practice. It is also a lot of fun with the family in the backyard or during spare time while camping.This bow kit is built very well and can surely take some abuse.


Pro Box

Woox Bad Boy ($119.00)

WOOX created the Bad Boy as a premium EDC essential carry knife. This compact fixed blade with an American Walnut handle and D2 steel blade includes an Italian leather sheath. The best knife is the one you have with you and the Bad Boy is destined to be on your belt for a lifetime. The easily controlled point and long blade of the Bad Boy Drop Point makes it a great all-purpose option.

  • Steel: D2 (HRC 58-60)
  • Finish: Satin
  • Handle: Real American Walnut
  • Tang: Full Tang
  • Overall Length: 6 1/4"
  • Blade Length: 2 3/4"
  • Handle Length: 3 1/2"
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Blade Thickness: 3/25"
  • Handle Thickness: 3/4"


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