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Brandon Currin

Mission 94 Brief

Mission 94 Brief

What’s up BattlBoxers? Well the end of 2022 has come and it’s been a very exciting year to say the least. All of us here at BattlBox want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our family. We’re looking forward to an amazing 2023 and are hard at work to make it the best year of BattlBox ever. But enough about next year!You have Mission 94 sitting in front of you. So, let’s not waste anymore time... flip the page and lets get on with the Breakdown of Mission 94 of BattlBox! YEEHAW!

Basic Box

Pod LED Safety Flares ($8.99)

Whether you’re a police officer, firefighter, EMT, emergency response team, or just a normal Joe, having the right equipment can make all the difference in critical situations. This LED Flare uses AAA batteries and features 16 ultra-bright LEDs that provide 360 degrees of bright flashing light that can be seen from a mile away. Its rugged design makes it waterproof and tough enough to withstand years of abuse. Hang it with the hook or use the magnet on the back to attach to metal objects. Eight modes from solid red to multiple strobe modes, and even an SOS mode. It also has a 3 LED flashlight to boot! Ideal for signaling at night on the side of the road, signaling for help, etc. The POD Safety Flare was also featured in an episode of Southern Survival on NETFLIX. Steve would have never been found without it! An excellent item to keep in your vehicle preps for sure.


PaleBlue AAA USB-c Rechargeable Smart Batteries - 2 pack ($29.99)

Batteries can be a pain... they can also put a strain on the wallet. We found this unique version of rechargeables to be an excellent alternative to purchasing one time use batteries.The quick 1 hour charging time and consistent 1.5V are game changing. Designed for performance, convenience and reliability, paleblue’s AAA batteries will help you reduce waste, save money, and save time. One thing I really enjoy is the single charging cable with 4 way splitter. No weird plastic charger that needs to be plugged into a 120v receptacle.


UCO Classic Series Original Candle Lantern ($29.99)

I cannot stress enough how excited I am about this product.This lantern has been a staple for camping, prepping, and survival for years. We have finally been able to get this awesome product in BattlBox!!! Chase away the chill with the lightweight, collapsible Original Candle Lantern.This trusted, time-tested lantern fights dampness and brightens up camp or the backyard. Ideal for backpacking, mountaineering, snow camping, and other outdoor pursuits, this classic lantern provides cozy heat and natural light for up to 9 hours (per candle). As the candle burns, the spring-powered tube pushes the candle up for a reliable, constant flame.You will receive one of five colors. Green, Red, Grey, Yellow or Aluminum.


Advanced Box

Moki Door Step ($49.95)

Accessing your vehicle’s roof top has never been easier!The Rightline Gear Moki Door Step is universal to all vehicles and works in both the front and rear doors. Use it to load and strap down car top cargo bags, boxes, canoes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, bikes and more! Even use it to help wash your vehicle’s
roof. Simply hook the Step over one of the vehicle’s u-shaped door latches and the rubber bumper and coated hook protect your vehicle’s door frame.The Moki Door Step provides a comfortable platform for both feet and allows for a balanced standing position. The patented Step eliminates dirty shoes on vehicle seats and the need for step stools or ladders. If you are short, or your vehicle is tall, the Moki Door Step makes getting your gear on or off your roof a breeze!


Pro Box

75 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge ($19.90)

Proper tire inflation is key for safety, traction, fuel economy, and longevity of your tires.This tire gauge from Rhino USA is built tough and made to last for years. It features a rugged design, certified accurate large 2”glow dial, premium braided hose, and solid brass hardware.


HD Ratchet Tie-Down Set ($29.90)

Have peace of mind knowing the car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, or UTV you love is secure when traveling.These HD Ratchet Straps tested at an incredible 5,208lb break strength! Featuring coated chromoly S-Hooks with spring loaded keepers, padded handles, and indestructible PolyBlend webbing.You will get one of three color options: Red, Blue, or Black.


Cambuckle Tie-Down Straps ($29.90)

The CambuckleTie-Down Straps are a great alternative to ratchet straps.These straps are lab tested to a break strength of 3,328lbs. The coated chromoly S-Hooks have spring loaded keepers to eliminate the hooks coming off the attach points. By far the best cam buckle straps I’ve used to date.You will get one of three color options: Red, Blue, or Black.


Pro Plus Box

CIVIVI Brazen Flipper and Thumb Stud Knife ($89.99)

OH MY! Now isn’t this a nice folder for the Pro Plus! The CIVIVI Brazen is one dang sexy blade isn’t it? CIVIVI is known for their stylish yet robust blades.The Brazen features a flat grind, hand rubbed Damascus blade at a hardness of 58-60HRC, Micarta scales with G10 back spacer and stainless steel liners.Tip up ambidextrous clip made of stainless steel.The pivot is a caged ceramic ball bearing and the locking mechanism is liner lock.The fit and finish of this knife is stellar!The action is smooth and the lock is true. I cannot stress enough the quality of this folder. With all certainty this CIVIVI Brazen will be in the top level of your EDC collection... it surely is in mine. You will get one of three color options: Brown, Dark Green or Olive.


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