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Brandon Currin

Mission 95 Brief

Mission 95 Brief

 Ole Currin Claus was good to our family. We had a bit of a surprise. My oldest son had a remodel (wreck) done to his truck, but very grateful that he is ok and everyone walked away. Took a few years off Myself and Mrs. 1776, but all is well.

Frigg’n excited to kick off 2023—this is the 9th year in business for BattlBox.Thank you for continuing to be a subscriber and letting me do what I love each day.

So, what about this month? Many of you guys know I live in a very rural area. After watching the water issues that Jackson, MS had last year, we thought it important to restock on quality purification tabs that are usable for bulk storage as well as spur of moment use. Watching the suffering that was happening in Jackson really makes you realize just how important clean water is and how quickly things can go bad. Acquiring clean water is often thought of as basic, simple, and easy, but it’s often not well-thought through. We need water to survive. Without it is certain death.

My favorite item this month? The Spyderco! We got to spend some time with the folks at Spyderco at their factory in Colorado two years ago and are always looking for a way to work with them. Really excited to feature the Spydreco Resilience.That iconic Spyderco shape/ design is of course a fan favorite but my favorite attribute of this knife is the size. It’s not a small knife that gets lost in my hand. Great size, feel and of course SHARP!

New for 2023 — our monthly “member recommended” feature. This is where we include a product that was suggested by one of y’all—our subscribers!This month we’re excited to include the Klymit Wild Aspen 20 Sleeping Bag suggested by Russell from Athens, GA. Great time of year for a cooler weather bag. I’m a huge fan of Klymit products so I am pumped to see this included.

We’d love to see any recommendations you have in hopes that we can feature it in a future box this year. Please scan the QR code below to access our submission form, or join us in our members-only Facebook group.

Thank you again for supporting our mission. Excited to spend time with everyone in the Facebook group this month and I am looking forward to an exciting 2023!
Now off to pack for Shot Show.......... (anyone need a grenade launcher?)


Basic Box

Aquatabs 397mg Tablets x100 

The world’s dams, lakes and streams are teeming with micro- organisms that threaten human health.These organisms can cause gastrointestinal disorders, among numerous other things, that can put us at risk. Having a product that is lightweight, portable, and indispensable when you’re out exploring the outdoors or storing water at home is paramount. Aquatabs is a purifying tablet that kills all harmful bacteria and viruses in drinking water within 30 minutes (when used in non-turbid water) and each tablet can treat up to 4 gallons of water. It does not leave any unpleasant taste and dissolves completely clear. Now you can store less water all while knowing that you have the ability to quickly and effectively treat most fresh water when disaster strikes.


Woox All-In-One Tactical Gear Cleaner

There is nothing worse than having a piece of gear fail due
to improper care. Having an all-in-one solution for cleaning multiple types of gear is great. We have knives, firearms, leather goods, wooden items, steel items etc. This product from WOOX can do it all. Literally everything we have gear wise can be cleaned with this product. From your cherished Great Grandfathers hunting rifle all the way to your favorite camping axe. Simply spray directly on to your items and scrub with the included wooden brush and wipe
away clean with the included microfiber towel. WARNING.
Be sure to follow up with corrosive protectant after cleaning metal parts. We spend a lot of money for our gear and it only makes sense to keep them as clean as possible, right?


CAMO CORPS Shammy Bundle

The most forgotten item for the typical outdoor enthusiast is some sort of product to wipe down, clean, and dry things. Well, here is an amazing trio that I hope you won’t forget from U.S. CAMO CORPS–the Field Shammy, Kitchen Shammy, and Shammy Sponge! These things are awesome for drying yourself, or gear off, and scrubbing pretty much anything.The Field Shammy never stops working. Even when wet, it dries gear quickly and even removes fish odors from your hands. The Kitchen Shammy is great for wiping wet surfaces, cleaning utensils and all of your cooking gear. The Shammy Sponge is the most unique sponge ever!They’ve covered a high-capacity foam sponge with a super-absorbent ShamoFlage fabric. It absorbs and holds over 15 times its weight and unlike flimsy cellulose sponges, it performs without any smell or bacteria growth. These are excellent alternatives to paper towels and are far more absorbent, reusable, and no trash to mess around with.


Advanced Box

BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Handgun Case 2.0

I can promise you this... getting your firearm wet and the worry about disassembling it to dry it off, or not realizing that moisture has occurred only to find out your expensive firearm is rusted, can really ruin your day! But not just firearms... what about your favorite knives and other rust prone items? For instance, your favorite folder, fixed blade , or grandpa’s watch are soaked. Yeah you can dry them off, but are they dry in all the hard to reach areas? Toss them in this product and let the BONE-DRITM Handgun 2.0 go to work. This product right here can dry and protect those items from rust. BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Handgun 2.0 is ideal for storing, transporting, and protecting your valuable items, while keeping them in optimal working order by preventing rust after exposure to moisture. Holds 2 handguns up to .45, 5 magazines, and a tool kit – and doubles as a utility and storage case. Constructed with heavy-duty industrial 800D PVC nylon and lockable mil-spec zipper sliders. This soft case easily withstands heavy wear and tear, is guaranteed for life, and delivers peace of mind against moisture and rust.


Pro Box

Klymit Wild Aspen 20 Sleeping Bag

A quality sleeping bag makes the cold nights in the wild much more comfortable right? Well, I’ve used several in the past and I’ve tested several recently and this sleeping bag from Klymit hits all the marks for its price point. Comfortable, durable, warm, water resistant, well-designed footbox, lightweight, and compressible.The footbox even has integrated loops to hang the bag for storage. The Wild Aspen 20 is thoughtfully designed for three-season comfort.The bag features synthetic insulation for an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. Lightweight and durable micro polyester shell is water and abrasion resistant, while the inner liner is designed to retain warmth. Featuring a fully adjustable mummy hood and a built-out foot box for extra comfort. Zipper draft tube ensures the cold air stays out so you sleep soundly all through the night.


Pro Plus Box

Spyderco Resilience Light

Hot Dang we got a Spyderco Resilience! The Resilience stretches all the proven features of its family to an extra-large platform ideal for big hands and demanding cutting chores. The latest version of this formidable folder adds the benefit of injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) handle scales. Besides reducing the overall weight of the knife, the tough FRN scales also offer the enhanced non-slip grip of Spyderco’s Bi-Directional Texture pattern. All other features are faithfully retained, including a full-flat-ground 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, full skeletonized stainless steel liners, a sturdy LinerLock, a versatile four-position pocket clip, and a choice of PlainEdge or CombinationEdge configurations.

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