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Daniel Dabbs



Planning ahead for some folks can be a challenge in and of itself. And planning ahead for an unexpected emergency is where the real struggle lies. There’s hardly room for careless mistakes when it comes to emergency planning, so don’t be one of those guys.

We often hear people call themselves “survivalists” or even say they’re ready for anything, but the truth is, there are lots of things they’re missing. We’ve even seen plenty of people make common survival mistakes, so it’s time we talk about them.

Here are some common survivalist fails to be on the lookout for:


  • Not having realistic supplies When a disaster strikes, you want the essentials, not the junk. Plus, you want to keep your supplies down to a minimum. Less is more as long as you have the right gear. Check out our past boxes for some inspiration, especially Stock Up, Med Prep, and Urban Survival. You can even purchase items directly from these pages (you’re welcome)!
  • Stocking up on food you won’t use Don’t store a bunch of cans of chili if you never eat it in your daily routine. There’s plenty of other non-perishable options out there. Plus, you need to save the storage room for items you know you will use, like extra water.
  • Not knowing how to use your gear Having emergency supplies is useless if you have no idea how to use it. Before investing in any type of gear, commit to investing time into learning how to use it properly.
  • Not knowing what you’re preparing for Consider what disasters could possibly unfold, depending on your environment, and what you would need if they do. Are you more likely to experience a wildlife survival situation or an urban disaster?
  • Not knowing your vulnerabilities Know your strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare yourself properly. That means practicing with your gear and being ready for anything.


    Paying attention to these essential preparation tips could save your life if done right. Train yourself to plan ahead and plan right.

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