Freeze dried vs dehydrated meals

Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated Meals

Freeze dried food and dehydrated food are great for backpacking or survival situations. But before you start planning to make freeze-dried or dehydrat
10 survival myths that could kill you

Ten Survival Myths That Could Kill You

With survival movies and TV shows being so popular, you may think you know exactly what to do based on actors’ actions in crises. But is pop-culture w
Water-Induced Thermogenesis and Survival

Water-Induced Thermogenesis and Survival

What do survival pros and weight-loss experts have in common? They both discuss the importance of understanding water-induced thermogenesis. For years
Long-Term Medication Storage

Long-Term Medication Storage

Long-term medication storage is a vitally important skill for any prepper to master. Whether you have a chronic health condition yourself, or if your
Could this be the new normal

Could this be the new normal?

  Like you, we are filled with concern, anxiety, and astonishment as we watch the effects of the coronavirus pandemic wash across this nation and the
Prepping Doesn't Mean You're CRAZY

Prepping Doesn't Mean You're CRAZY

Prepping gets a bad reputation, and people who practice it are often labeled as crazy, apocalypse fear mongers. It is a bit strange to see how people

The Best Home Security Measures to Prepare for Emergencies, Pandemics and Martial Law Lock down

Protect your family with the best home security systems, cameras, locks, and disaster kits The recent COVID-19 outbreak has proven that we take our su
Emergency steps to take before during and after a disaster

Emergency Steps to Take Before, During and After a Disaster

Protect your family in any emergency with a foolproof contingency plan People who escape natural catastrophes can consider themselves lucky. But, surv
You probably will get coronavirus COVID-19

Don't be alarmed, but YOU are PROBABLY going to get CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

I have some BAD news for you, there is a high probability you will get the Coronavirus. It spreads quickly, lives on surfaces, and unless you come in
Coronavirus and the Best Long-Term Food Storage Options

Prepare for the Coronavirus with the Best Long-Term Food Storage Options

Coronavirus, or Covid 19, is just one of the latest survival threats that make every prepper out there take out their list of the best long-term food
BattlBox Black: Is It Worth It?

BattlBox Black: Is It Worth It?

Battlbox Black has experienced quite the buzz surrounding it lately, and I recently had a chance to sit down with Patrick Kelley, BattlBox’s Chief Ope
Five Practical Methods To Be Ready For Anything

Five Practical Methods To Be Ready For Anything

Being prepared for anything does not mean being prepared for everything – no one can be prepared for everything.  There could be a natural disaster li