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Primal Skills that are Still Around Today

We’ve come a long way since the primitive days in the sense that we have tools and technology to help us maximize and perfect our skills. But it’s

A Beginner’s Guide to Survival

When it comes to being a survivalist or outdoor enthusiast, there are tons of helpful resources out there. There are so many that it can actually

40 Survival Items You Most Likely Forgot To Prep

1. Coffee Filters/Coffee - Like duct tape, coffee filters have a variety of uses other than their intended purpose. You an pre-filter your drink

Basic Necessities for Every Bushcraft Pro

If you’re looking to become a bushcraft pro, there are a few things you’ll need to make sure you have with you. Bushcraft is all about using skill


Not the most glamorous of jobs, however an important one. If you can't process tinder, cordage, or firewood, you also can't build an effective she

DABBS Back to Basics: Water for Survival

Storing water is vital.Water bottles and water jugs should be your best friends. Whether you’re storing water in your home or bringing it with you

Basic Survival Skills You Can Practice in Your Own Backyard

The good news? You can practice these in your own backyard. 1.Shelter. Find what works best for you. Do you have an awesome tent that you can se


It’s officially fall - meaning football, bonfires, and cooler temperatures. And, depending on where you are, temperatures may drop drastically --

KELLEY Spring Cleaning Tips for Preppers and Survivalists

Most of us cringe when we hear the term “spring cleaning” because we know it means cleaning the gutters, getting rid of items in our closets, and

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