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James Fournier

Your World Travel EDC/ Emergency list

Your World Travel EDC/ Emergency list
    Guest contribution from long time customer James Fournier
      1. A wise traveler not only carries a passport, but also a photocopy of the passport and a scanned version on a laptop, CD, or flash drive.
      2. Your health insurance or Medicare card.
      3. Your driver’s license, proof of car insurance, and the 24 hour claims number for your insurance company.
      4. Two credits cards housed in two different places (in case one gets lost or is stolen) along with the customer service numbers for the credit card companies written down and stored someplace other than your wallet.  You might want to consider RFID sleeves for your credit cards.
      5. A list of emergency contacts, including telephone numbers and email addresses. Embassy address(s) phone number(s)
      6. A prepaid long-distance card for making calls when there is no cell phone service or when the calls will be too expensive due to roaming charges.
      7. A few blank checks or traveler’s checks plus some funds in the local currency (if you are traveling out of the country).
      8. Prescription medications with at least 3 days over and above the number of days you plan to be gone.
      9. An emergency first aid kit including bandages, pain medication, instant hot/cold packs, antibiotic ointment, lavender essential oil, an anti-diarrheal, allergy medication, heartburn medication, and anything else that you commonly use.
      10. Insect repellent or essential oil alternative.

      11. Sunscreen.

      12. Protein or snack bars. Energy Drink (5 hour shot)

      13. Travel tissues and a travel sized roll of TP (you would be surprised at how often this “essential” will come in handy.)
      14. Baby wipes or my favorite, No Rinse Bathing Wipes.  You can wash up pretty well with these in the event you can’t take an actual shower.
      15. Hand sanitizer plus sanitizer wipes
      16. Small LED flashlight and possibly an LED headlamp as well.
      17. Pocket knife or Swiss Army-style knife. (This will have to go in your checked luggage)
      18. Chemical light sticks or roadside emergency light.
      19. An emergency whistle or safety whistle.
      20. Paracord in bracelet or lanyard form for portability.
      21. Multi tool and Kubaton /Tactical Pen as a weapon
      22. Water purification packets for ensuring safe, drinkable water if supplies at your destination are compromised.
      23. A portable water filter and pouch, A mini sawyer filter takes up very little space, the pouch when empty would give you a clean container for your filtered drinking water in an emergency.
      24. A small roll of duct tape and small sewing kit for repairs.
      25. Mylar emergency blankets.
      26. rain poncho “ disposable”for every member of your group.
      27. Protective masks to wear when seated near obviously sick people (coughing and sneezing) while using public transportation.
      28. Batteries (or rechargeable plus a battery charger).
      29. Your cell phone charger or a USB cable to use as a charging cable.
      30. Key passwords to access email accounts and online financial data.
      31. Pre-printed labels with your home address, home phone number, and email address. Include one or more of these labels in each checked bag.
      32. Map of area traveling in
      33. Dummy wallet with a few bucks and old Cards (expired)
      34. Stash Belt with cash
      35. Lock pic set (you never know) 

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