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Learn from the BattlBox team of professionals, and get prepared. Read through our in depth, hands-on glossary of Articles to brush up on your technical & survival skillset.


 When it comes to a SHTF scenario, it’s not a one-size-fits-all game. Packing a bug out bag requires lots of research and reflection; what things


You know the drill. You have all the necessities packed. You even brushed up on your camping and survival skills. Now’s time for the fun stuff: th

Life Lessons from the BattlBox Team

The story of BattlBox is a little unconventional. We all got involved for different reasons, but we’re all passionate about the same things. And w

Gone Fishin’ -- Everything You Need for the Ultimate Fishing Trip

Here at BattlBox, we like to think every day could be the perfect day for fishing. Why? Because even a bad day on the water is still better than a

Survival Skills to Master with Your Dog

One of the first (and possibly toughest) decisions you’ll need to make when building your bugout bag and creating a plan for a SHTF scenario is wh

How to Prep for a Camping Trip in Any Weather

The weather doesn’t have to spoil your next camping trip, as long as you’re prepared with the proper gear and skills. You can’t control the weathe

4 Things You Need to Know About Urban Survival

An urban disaster strikes. You know how to survive in the wilderness, but this is different. What do you do? First and foremost, follow your insti

7 Kid-Friendly Summer Activities to Step Up Your Prepping Game

If you’re a parent, grandparent, or the cool uncle, you know the summer can be a tough time to keep the kids occupied. We believe the phrase “I’m


Most of us cringe when we hear the term “spring cleaning” because we know it means cleaning the gutters, getting rid of items in our closets, an

Two Simple Things to Consider When it Comes to Camp Hygiene

Camping is meant to be a fun, informative, and relaxing time away from the real world and responsibilities. So who has time to stay clean and hygi

Camp Cooking Skills: The 6 Things You Need to Become the Ultimate Camp Chef

You’ve finally set up camp after a long hike (or a long drive to get to your campsite). You know you’re not going to get your wife’s cooking tonig

Everyday Essentials from the BattlBox Team

We have a strong team of officers and executives, as well as a great group of employees that pack the boxes. Here’s why they believe in BattlBox,

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