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Learn from the BattlBox team of professionals, and get prepared. Read through our in depth, hands-on glossary of Articles to brush up on your technical & survival skillset.

Hammock vs. Tent Camping: Which is Right for You?

There have been many great debates in this world around camping, but our favorite has been the ongoing battle between tents and hammocks. There are pl

The Ultimate Christmas List for Preppers

Alright y’all, Christmas is almost here. You didn’t forget to get a gift for your prepper buddy, did you? Gift giving truly is an art, but we know it’

Situational Awareness: 7 Keys to Remaining Safe in Urban Settings

Situational awareness is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend information around you to survive in an emergency situation. It requires sig

Prepping for Winter Camping

The winter months are about to hit hard, and it’s time to make sure we’re ready for anything. If you live up north, you know exactly what we’re talkin

Backpacking Checklist: 7 Things to Do Before Your Next Trip

Regardless of where you’re headed, your backpack is your best friend. When backpacking, you want to take everything you need and nothing more. No matt

5 Edible Insects That Could Save Your Life

When you’re trying to survive out in the wilderness, desperate times call for desperate measures. One thing that (hopefully) all preppers know, is the

Household Lifesavers: 5 Items You Already Own that Could Save Your Life

Sure, you’re prepared for everything imaginable. You have a fully stocked bug-out-bag and a house full of resources specifically reserved for this mom

5 Ways to Use Rain and Snow to Your Advantage in the Wild

The rain and snow may seem like nuisances when you’re out in the wild, but a true survivalist knows how to use all elements to their advantage. We’ve

Trapping Tips for Beginners

When it comes to hunting, many choose to take the trapping method. We’re not going to argue whether it’s the best or worst way to hunt, but we will gi

Prepping Skills and Hunting

As a prepper, you’re prepared for anything. You think ahead, you’re self-sufficient, and you’re aware of your surroundings at all times. Have you ever

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes can strike with limited warning signs, causing devastation and destruction, and killing hundreds. Even if you don’t live along the coast, y

Our Top Foraging Tips

We’re big fans of foraging. It helps us learn more about the world around us and makes us more self-reliant. We believe everyone should have some sort

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